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Keep an active body for a positive and healthy mind. The inspiring healthy lifestyle app from Maslife makes it quick and easy for everyone to practice yoga and track their activity to become happier and fitter, as well as more in control of their money.

Yoga anywhere,

From fast and energetic, to slow and relaxing yoga styles Maslife offers a wide variety of yoga workouts. Our classes are designed to work in places like your living room, your hotel room, the park, or even the gym.

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Yin Yoga

A slower, more meditative practice that operates on your deep connective tissues, such as your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. Centred around stretching, breathing, and holding poses for longer, Yin is ideal for beginners.

Vinyasa Yoga

A fast-paced yoga style where the poses are linked together by breathing. Your movement is coordinated with your breath as you change from one pose to another: The athletic nature of Vinyasa makes it a great option for building fitness, strength and stamina.

Get more active with Maslife

Whatever your health goal is, we will help you achieve it.

Activity tracking

Know where you stand and get inspired to move more.

Flexible goals

You can set your daily step & activity goal to keep yourself on track.

Activity reports

Get a full report on your activity. Enjoy seeing activity rankings and get rewarded for your progress.

Meet our instructors

Best-in-class yoga and meditation coaches

The Maslife experts

The Maslife Yoga & Meditation programs are designed by some of the best Yoga teachers and experts from London and around the world. Maslife ensures a careful selection of new trainers and exercises. Every month we present a new style and star in the worldwide yoga and meditation community. Because we know: A healthy body and a clear mind is the prerequisite for making sensible financial decisions.

Are you a UK yoga trainer or a meditation expert and want to be part of the Maslife community? Just send your profile to [email protected].

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Maslife balances your financial, mental and physical well-being to help you achieve your full potential.

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