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Whether you're brand new to meditation or a seasoned expert, our guided meditations help you stay centred and focused on your goals.

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Learn how to relax, manage stress, and focus your energy to become more centred and productive in your everyday life.


Fine-tune your mental clarity to amplify your focus and get into alignment with the present moment


Get rid of stress within the body, loosen up the muscles and calm your breathing to manage pain and discomfort.


Focus your thoughts and intentions on specific tasks, ideas and objects. Develop your senses and reduce mental chatter.


Get rid of stress within the body, loosen up the muscles and calm your breathing to manage pain and discomfort.


Elevate your levels of compassion, kindness and self-esteem by repeating your melte phrase with healing intention.


Nurture compassion, empathy, self-awareness and more qualities of healthy relationships.

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The Maslife Yoga & Meditation programs are designed by some of the best Yoga teachers and experts from London and around the world. Maslife ensures a careful selection of new trainers and exercises. Every month we present a new style and star in the worldwide yoga and meditation community. Because we know: A healthy body and a clear mind is the prerequisite for making sensible financial decisions.

Are you a UK yoga trainer or a meditation expert and want to be part of the Maslife community? Just send your profile to [email protected].

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