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MasLife was born from the belief that in order to live a healthier - and wealthier - lifestyle, we must find ways to understand how day-to-day lifestyle decisions make an impact on our financial wellbeing. And with this knowledge, we can then discover a whole new way of managing our finances - with confidence, clarity and calm. Knowledge truly is power.

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Human Potential

    Everyone has the potential to achieve a fulfilled life of financial freedom. No matter your background or history, you dictate your future by creating positive habits. We believe mindfulness is as important as nutrition, exercise and sleep which all play a role in financial wellbeing. We will give you the tools needed to master them all.

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Financial Mentor

MasLife was built on the principle that your health and your wealth are intrinsically linked. Our app will help you succeed in making informed and more positive lifestyle, wellbeing and financial choices. We adopt a mindful approach to finance. With a full suite of financial functionality, from payments and budgeting tools to a live currency exchange and transfers, MasLife will help you easily and consciously manage your money. The app will allow you to define your personal goals - along with enriching you with a greater personal understanding about your habits and behaviours - that will guide you on your path to achieving your long term financial aspirations. With a full suite of financial tools in the palm of your hand, you can set healthier habits that will create the right conditions for you to elevate both your health, and your wealth.

One Community

  • A core MasLife belief is that the world can become a better place through financial stability. We therefore created MasLife to EAM (Enlighten And Motivate) and help you achieve your full mental and financial potential, while also connecting you to a strong and supportive community.

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The MasLife app is available to download on both ios and android. Click the links below to download the app and begin your journey to transform yourself, your health and your finances

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices