Have you been MasLife’d?


‘Have I been what?’



In an age of social media perfection, idealised lives of the rich and beautiful and instant gratification addiction, wouldn’t it be refreshing to take things way back to basics? To reconnect with our power within, be completely present in the moment and to just… breathe.



This is the mantra behind ‘becoming MasLife’d’, it is the notion of working on ourselves as individuals to create positive change, maintain positive habits and ensure that we have a positive mindset. Mindfulness is crucial in living a life of wellbeing, and infiltrates all aspects of our lives. ‘Mindfulness, what actually is that?’ Mindfulness is the quality of being completely present and fully engaged with the moment. No distraction. No judgement. It's the ability to be aware of what thought and feeling is with us, but not to be reactive to it. As spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle (one of the most quoted people when it comes to mindfulness) says, 'wherever you are, be there totally'.







On the surface you may just brush this off as mystical nonsense, roll your eyes and think of it as another passing ‘trend'. But actually, mindfulness is a legitimate state of mind that can truly help us to become better versions of ourselves, reach our potential, live our best lives and just simply be happy. Multiple studies have proven that mindfulness can reduce stress, improve attention and memory, help manage depression and strengthen relationships. 



MasLife aims to encourage its users to use this concept of mindfulness, enhanced by the in app guided meditations, and link that to their spending habits. A healthier mind will lead to healthier financial decisions, when your minds right your moneys right. Imagine, those days when you’re feeling low, frustrated, and just ‘over it’, how negatively does it affect your goal setting, motivation and overall energy? Those ‘f*ck it’ thoughts seem to creep on in and more often than not, bad decisions follow. Add to the mix the daily step tracker to encourage exercise and movement and the budget tool to keep us in check regarding those daily, unnecessary, impulsive buys, and MasLife becomes your complete support system and guide to keep you on track to achieving your goals.



When you’ve been MasLife’d you are on a journey to living positively and ultimately enhancing your health and your wealth. 



So, I ask you again… Have you been MasLife’d?




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